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If you have trouble registering a new account please let us know by email. Plenty of players register successfully so it may be an issue with certain devices.TAKE COMMAND AND LEAD AN EMPIRE!Grow your own empire and lead an armada in PvP action. Form or join an alliance and participate with others in massive galactic battles. Join in the fight for control of the universe!MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE GAME (MMO)Command Crisis is a FREE massively multiplayer online strategy game (MMO) with thousands of players and hundreds who are active in the online community! There’s over 100k sectors in the universe, and it’s growing! Visit the forums for questions, answers, ideas, and more. Communicate with others in world chat, alliance chat, or one-on-one with our private message system!PERSISTENT WORLDThe Command Crisis universe does not reset so your empire can grow as large as you can make it. If you would prefer a round based, more combat orientated version with a clear winner each round then check out Command Crisis: Endgame!REAL TIME ONLINE STRATEGY GAME (RTS)Command Crisis is also a FREE real time online strategy game that will test your mettle on the battlefield. With players located in time zones around the world, your empire must be ready for attack at any time. Build defenses, build ships, and deploy units, all in real time. Beware, though, you might find it hard to sleep when you get into this game!CHARACTER CLASSES AND SPECIAL ABILITIESPick your character class and gain special abilities. Each class has an awesome ability, but a weakness as well. Work alone or with a team within an alliance to maximize your class’ abilities and usefulness.FIGHT THE COMMON ENEMY, AN NPC VIRUSNot only is there PvP action to be had, but you can also join in the fight against the common enemy of the universe, the Centrian Virus is a non-player character (NPC) that emulates a player. It expands and develops ships, attacks the strongest players, and wreaks general havoc upon the universe. Help take down the CenV on Eradication Day and earn extra in-game credits!REGULAR UPDATES AND EXCELLENT RESPONSE TIMEYou’ll find that Command Crisis is updated regularly with feedback from the players. New graphics and UI features are added practically every week. Join in the conversation, make your own suggestions, and report bugs to the developer. Bugs get fixed quickly and those who find them get rewarded with in-game credits!PLAY ONLINE, ON FACEBOOK, ANDROID, AND OTHER MOBILE WEB DEVICESCommand Crisis is now available online, on any Android device, and even on other web-enabled mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad (visit!IN-GAME TUTORIAL, HELP, AND FAQUse the in-game tutorial to walk through the basics and get your first in-game credits. Use the Help and FAQ topics to answer just about any question you have and become an expert on the mechanics of the game. Strategy is the key, and you’ll get all the info you need here to be successful in Command Crisis!USE IN-GAME CREDITS FOR RESOURCES, SHIPS, AND MOREAs you accumulate in-game credits, you can purchase resources, ships and more. You can also purchase credits for donations, but you are never required to do so. Command Crisis is completely free to play, and the credits you will earn through in-game achievements are more than enough to keep you playing for a long time.GIVE US FEEDBACK – WE WANT TO MAKE IT EVEN BETTERWe’d love to hear your ideas on how to improve Command Crisis! PLEASE USE THE SUPPORT SCREEN IN THE GAME TO CONTACT US. That way even if your email is filtered as spam we will still have a record of it.Follow us on Twitter: @CommandCrisisLike us on Facebook: you’re looking for a strategy game that keeps getting better then get Command Crisis! Use strategy to form alliances and grow your empire in this space-based strategy game.MMO – Strategic Warfare GameCreated By: Zeke Walker

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