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AddedApr 13th, 2012
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Welcome to the world of Daytona Karting Cup!Take the challenge and prepare yourself for a major kart racing in your life! Want to feel the smell of burnt tires at starting line and start the race in a new exciting skill game? Can you cross the finish line with the best time? Learn to push yourself and your kart with maximum potential.Daytona Karting Cup is an easy and addictive skill game, for all fans of fast driving. Just select one of three different karts with available power, acceleration and maneuverability. Move to one of three available tracks, each with different configurations and levels of difficulty. And then test your skills on the track with the possible best time. Perhaps you will be a champion in Daytona Karting Cup world!Start your engines because Daytona Karting Cup just started!Features:- Interesting and unique design,- Original music and sound effects,- Great arcade physics,- 3 karts different in power, acceleration and maneuverability,- 6 advanced karting track for racing, * An exciting single-player mode * Getting the best of times, * Improving own records, * Ghosts option, advice on how to improve own record,- Beat the record in the ranking of players online,- Ranking number of the vanquished laps- Adding the results to the world ranking (top1000 best players).Keywords: racing, go-karting, karts, karting, cart, race, daytona, cup, racer, f1,speed, driver, drive, driving, time trial, ghosts, online, tracks, cars, control, touch,formula, tuning, rally, championship, adrenaline, fast, motors.

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