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NOTE: This is not a stand alone app. This is a Go Launcher Theme. To use this theme you will need to install "Go Launcher EX", a launcher replacement app available in the Market. Go Launcher EX is completely free. Once you install it, you can install themes for it, including this one. The Themes will give you additional wallpapers, Icons, and other graphic enhancements. This is a Droid-based theme.- 55+ custom icons- (NEW) Added global Icon bases (See details below – These are shown in the App Drawer screenshot below as well)- 15 total Wallpapers (5 Wallpapers with three different eye styles each)- Replacement Dock- Custom App Drawer graphics- Custom Folder Graphics and Folder Icon- Custom Themed Menus- Custom Screen IndicatorsIcon Bases – These are graphics that encapsulate all icons that do not have a replacement in this theme. Some people prefer floating icons though. If you want to turn this off, go to "Preferences" then "Visual Settings" then "Icons" and uncheck "Icon Base". I will definitely be adding new icons. Some of them will be alt versions of existing icons for variety (I will never delete any icons once I add them though, current or future). This package contains more icons than are in the screenshots. I will probably be adding new wallpapers. The only reason to limit the amount of wallpapers is because they make the app balloon in size quickly. All current wallpapers are shown in the screenshots. The red line shown at the bottom of some screenshots is an awesome free battery indicator app called "Team Battery Bar"…it is a battery indicator. The line gets shorter as your battery is depleted. It is extremely customizable (size/color/transparency/Location) and very useful for seeing your battery status at a glance from any screen, including the lock screen. The clock shown is the "Beautiful Home" clock from the "Beautiful Widgets" app. This is a paid app, but well worth the money. The clock skin is "Vos-Reflection Red" with the background set to transparent. The weather skin is "LightWorksRed".Latest Updates:————–4/14/2012 – Added 7 new icons. Tweaked the main menus so that black squares are no longer behind each icon. Updated the folder graphics to be consistent with the newest GoLauncher patched version (which I definitely like btw…it is much smoother now)4/8/2012 – Added full skin on Menus…the GoLauncher Menu is now fully skinned (was only partially skinned before).4/4/2012 – Added global ‘base’ icons (both underlay and overlay). These graphics encapsulate all non-themed icons. If you prefer to retain floating icons, you can turn this off in preferences: To turn this off, go to "Preferences" then "Visual Settings" then "Icons" and uncheck "Icon Base".

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