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FishFarts is fun and challenging for all ages.FishFarts features three game modes and three difficulty settings. The goal is to pop the bubbles before they get to the top of the screen, but the method varies by game mode.Classic Mode:The bubbles rise up and you pop them by touching them. Touching a fish will cause it to release gas and will cloud up the water. Bonus points are awarded for consecutive bubbles popped. Classic Mode has three difficulty settings.FishPop Mode:This is just like the Classic, but instead of popping the bubbles yourself, you use the fish to pop them. The puffer fish comes in handy by popping all of the bubbles, but your bonus multiplier is reset. FishPop mode also has three difficulty settings.Color Mode: Pop all of the clear bubbles before the reach the top of the screen. Pop the colored bubbles in the correct order to keep your queue from reaching 10 bubbles! Bonus multiplier is given for number of bubbles popped without hitting fish.Kids’ Mode:This mode was created by request and is set up just for younger kids. There are no scores, no murky water and no way to lose! Your kid (or you!) can make the fish fart and pop bubbles all day long. Both FishFarts and FishFarts Kids have been receiving a lot of great reviews. Thanks for the responses!Crystal *****This game is so much fun. It keeps my children laughing while waiting at the Dr.’s office and long car rides. It’s gassy but fun!Jennifer *****This is great! My two year old loves this app! Its funny and great for her fine motor skills!Christy *****A must have game for kids. Especially if u have boys! Any age guarantee they will laugh :DMore game modes and enhancements are in the works, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for more information of what’s swimming down the pipeline.Follow us on Facebook: us on Twitter:!/KansysApps

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