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Drop flags on to the map for every place and country that you’ve travelled to. See info and stats for all your travel activities which you can then share with your friends.FlagIt! can be used as a way to record all the destinations you have travelled to (are you one of those people who forgets the spelling of somewhere you went all those years ago or when it was exactly you went to some memorable location?). For each place you can write notes, store the date and use the quick search features to find info or photos from that place.▷▶▷ A Quick Guide on How to Use FlagIt! ◁◀◁ Method 1: Do a double tap on the map over a place you have been to Method 2: 1. Press the search icon (far left) and find the place you have been to 2. Press the drop flag icon (far right) ▷▶▷ Main Features ◁◀◁ ★ Drop the national flag of any country on the map travelled to ★ Mark any area on land with a red flag to record exactly what location you went to★ Drop flags with a double tap on the map, using your current GPS location or using the search feature★ Use the the random holiday destination picker to choose a place randomly from 50,000 places worldwide and automatically fly there on the map★ Different display modes for the flags; national flags and/or red flags for visits★ Switch the map between map and satellite viewing modes★ See how many countries you have travelled to and how many places in each country★ View a list of all places travelled within any country★ Details for each place allow you to store the date and notes★ For any place there are convenient shortcuts to quickly search about that location on Google, Google Images, Wikipedia and Wiki Travel★ Share your travel activities via Twitter, Facebook, E-mail etc.★ You can share a photo of the map complete with the flags as display currently on your screen★ Details of any place (the dates and notes) can be edited ★ Forgot where a certain place is on the map? No problem, click on the goto location button and fly there on the map★ Easily delete any/some/all of the countries or places stored on your phone The app has a help screen that explains the features of the app. An internet connection is required to use the app. Aroha does not store any of your private data nor distribute it to any third parties. Some areas like Kosovo and Palestine are unavailable via the Google APIs due to the political controversy in those countries. The only release of your information is in the case when you share it with friends on your social network sites or via e-mail/SMS. If you have any problems or requests please feel free to drop an e-mail or leave a comment and we will be sure to listen! We greatly appreciate your feedback.

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