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Flashquiz is an Android application intended as a study guide for college students and their friends. It allows the user to create, save, and study customized sets of “flash” cards. Flashcards, physical or virtual, are proven to be a strong way to digest academic information. Adding a social network allows a group of friends sharing the same class to split the labor of creating cards for each other, and the simple competitive spirit that comes from being able to track each other’s high scores helps to encourage thorough studying.There are two types of cards that can be created. The first is a traditional double-sided flashcard, appropriate for memorizing glossaries of terms with the term on one side and the definition on the other side. The second is a “quiz” card, with a question and up to four multiple-choice answers. In the application, these cards are created in card sets, which in turn can be grouped by the user for simple organization. Cards can be shared quickly and easily between friends who know one another’s usernames. The application even keeps track of your and your friends’ high scores for each card set.Some of the features in this Android Application are:Server-based storage of all cards, card sets and user informationFlexible settings for cards – double-sided flash card (or) Quiz CardOrganize Cards within a Card SetView Friends and their status for a Card SetChallenge Friends to solve Card SetsA study screen that keeps track of your accumulated score

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