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AddedApr 8th, 2012
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*If this app can’t work after update. Please try the following steps:1.Please reinstall the GNL.2.Check the version is 2.05.3.Set the function "Enable" on first page of GNL.4.Go to [Settings]>[Display] Check [Pulse notifivation light]5.Unplug the usb cable on ur phone.6.Restart ur phone.7.After the phone restart fully, plug the usb cable and charge.If the problem continued, please send me a mail.This app can help u to turn on the LED when charging.It is shown in different colors by the percentage of the battery.You can define the color yourself.*If you have any problems or suggestions, please send an e-mail to me. Introduction?1.This app is designed for Galaxy Nexus and Moto Atrix.(I can not guarantee it can work on other phones.)2.Please turn the service on after you install.3.Its not working if u install Light Flow on ur phone.4.LED only work when the screen is locked.5.The color from screen and LED looks different is because of the limitation of hardware.

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