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Galileo is a software for off-road GPS orienteering. <<< Map >>>Shows different kinds of maps. Maps can be downloaded directly from the Internet (support Wi-Fi connection) or precashed before (support Bulk-download). It’s designed to be completely usable even if no network is available, like often when hiking in mountain, in deep wild, or abroad. Map can be Centered on the actual location. Displays SpeedCams, speed bumps and waypoints. <<< Monitoring >>Shows navigation values such as: Number of satellites, Latitude, Longitude, Accuracy, Speed, Course, Bearing, Distance, Max Speed, Average Speed, Actual Speed, Target, Time. Possibility to adjust the position for displaying data.<<< Compass >>>Shows the orientation of the earth’s magnetic field, shows the direction to the target, angle to the start point.<<< Waypoints >>>Stores waypoints (bookmarks) and show them on the map. Implemented Search in stored waypoints. Stored points can be exported into "kml" format. Points can be imported from "kml" file. Any of waypoints can be selected as a target. Number of waypoints is unlimited.<<< Tracks >>>Record tracks and view them on map. Recording tracks with the single tap. Supports "kml", "gpp", "gpx" formats. Number of points in track is limited only by SD card.<<< Satellites >>>Shows number of used satellites.<<< Warnings >>>Warn when approaching a "speed bump" or "speed camera" (requires file "Speedcam.txt" in a folder "_Storage/Galileo/Waypoints/" on SD card).Warn when current speed is higher than you have set (3 regimes).<<< Measurements >>>Measures the traveled distance and display path. Measures distance between two points or between some points.<<< Timer and counter >>>You can set the timer and it will notify you at the *end of counting. You also can measure counter for time interval measurements. Timer and counter have "pause" regime. <<< Advertising >>>No Advertising- Please email me with questions, bug reports, feature ideas, and other feedback at Purchase the "Galileo" on Android Market if you want to support development.

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