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AddedSep 18th, 2011
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If you too are nostalgic for the sweet music of the 56k modem … If you think Barney Stinson is a God … Or if you’re simply a fan of the Geek universe ,this application is made for you !Indeed, it includes all of the most famous sounds from movies, video games, TV series and the Geek world in general.(!)(!)(!)100sounds available!!!(!)(!)(!)Such as :eux vidéos : – Falcon Punch- Monster kill- Killing spree- Godlike- First Blood- Dominating- Headshot- Ownage- Pokemon son 1 (pokemon attrapé)- Pokemon son 2 ( Battle win)- Pokemon son 3 (Item catch)- Pokemon son 4 (Level up)-Final Fantasy (Fanfare)- Murloc (Wow)- Leeroy jenkins (Wow)- Wombo combo (ssbm)- Fatality ( Street fighter)- Finish him ( Street fighter)- Zelda (Item catch)- Zelda (Item found) Cinéma : – La vie de Brian- This is sparta- Les mouettes de Némo- Gollum- La respiration de Dark vador- Le sabre laser- Chewbacca- It’s a trap!- The answer of the ultimate question –>42 (Guide du voyageur interstellaire)- Philiiiiipe!Je sais ou tu te caches! – Hasta la vista baby (Terminator)- I’ll be back (Terminator) Séries TV : – Bazinga- Knock knock penny- I’m batman- Soft kitty- Suit up- Legendary- High five- When i get sad i stop to be sad…- Elle est où la poulette? (Kadoc)- Faut pas respirer la compote ça fait tousser (Kadoc)- Les pattes de canaaaaaaaaaaaaaard (Kadoc)- Si on veut savoir si y’a du vent faut mettre son doigt dans le cul du coq (Kadoc)- Cuillère!(Roi burgonde)- J’apprécie les fruits au sirop!(Roi burgonde)- Qu’est à dire que ceci? (Roi burgonde)- La fleur en bouquet fane et jamais ne renait ( Roi Burgonde)- Arthour c’est la guerre!(Roi Burgonde)- A la volette mode Burgonde (Roi burgonde)- Ouais c’est pas faux ( Perceval)- J’aimerai bien qu’on commence a me considérer en tant que tel ( Perceval) Autres : – Nyan cat- Avast mise à jour- Avast virus- Modem 56k- Windows 95- Windows 98- Windows XP- Windows Seven- Msn sound- Intel sound- McDo- Silence! I kill you! Achmed the dead terroristNew sounds will be added every week, so expect to find Mario and other characters on your Android terminal soon!YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR FAVORITE SOUNDS IN THIS APP? Let me know with a comment or by email and I will do my best to add itFacebook page : you can set the sound as Ringtone, notification or alarm just with a long press on the button! The sound will be available on your parameters (filename = geeksounbox)!!

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