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The Biology: Genetics & Evolution app is a study aid for students in university level biology. Learn more than 1200 fundamental biology concepts in 22 chapters of multiple-choice quiz, flashcards and glossary content. Reinforce key concepts and improve recall memory through interactive features:Create custom flashcards, multiple-choice and glossary contentShare multiple-choice quiz questions with friends by emailSend report of your quiz correct / incorrect answers by emailPost score for global rankingGeneticsChapter 1: MeiosisChapter 2: MendelChapter 3: ChromosomalChapter 4: Molecular BasisChapter 5: Gene and ProteinChapter 6: Gene RegulationChapter 7: VirusChapter 8: BiotechnologyChapter 9: GenomesEvolutionChapter 10: DescentChapter 11: Population EvolutionChapter 12: Species OriginsChapter 13: History of LifeBiological DiversityChapter 14: PhylogenyChapter 15: BacteriaChapter 16: ProtistsChapter 17: Plant ColonizationChapter 18: Plant EvolutionChapter 19: FungiChapter 20: Animal DiversityChapter 21: InvertebratesChapter 22: VertebratesChapter 23: Custom Learning Modulekeywords: MCAT, AP Biology, Advanced Placement, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, college biology, high school biology, marine biology, biological, tutor, tutoring,

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