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AddedApr 14th, 2012
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Go Go Biker is a smart phone APP game which integrated a round-the-island bike trip game with well-known scenic spots in Taiwan. By simply moving your fingers, you will be able to easily visit some of the most beautiful and famous sceneries in Taiwan on bike, whether it is the North Coast, Dapeng Bay, or even the mesmerizing East Rift Valley. In Go Go Biker, there are 3 cute cartoon characters for you to choose and 13 levels for you to challenge that will take you to some special sceneries and landmarks around Taiwan. There are obstacles and all kinds of tools in each level. You can dodge these obstacles or obtain the tools with fingers or motion sensors. The weather conditions are also simulated in each level to increase the excitement of the game. Unexpected strong wind and heavy rain may block your view while you try to dodge the obstacles to move forward. To get a high score, you must fully concentrate! The shorter your health bar is, the lower your advancing speed will be. When the health decays, it is necessary to supplement energy by picking up the supplemental items on the road. The speed water will give you a boosting speed, but be careful that you don’t crash into obstacles! If you wish to take a riding tour around the island but lack the physical strength or time, why not try Go Go Biker!System requirement: android 2.2 or later

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