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95% of all human problems stem from a negative mind.This figure includes such traits as timidity, domestic discord, business failure, bad memory, tenseness, unhappiness, worry, etc.You can do something about it… while you sleep!You are a mind with a body attached, not a body with a mind attached!Realize this and you are on your way to self-mastery.This is the new approach to the Conscious Mind through the other level that never sleeps, the Creative Mind. What you will discover is priceless!This book shows how to use the deepest thinking part of you, while you sleep, to get whatever you want out of life . . . money, personal influence, love, respect and admiration.At will, you can direct your Creative Mind to assist you in solving problems . . . making the right decisions … in creating ways and means of great achievement . . . over night!With this technique you can sleep on it and awake in the morning with answers so clear-cut you will be amazed!You will discover:6 exercises that develop your latent creative powers into a mental powerhouse.5 ways to make your Creative Mind work for you.A formula for building a success consciousness that will lead you to success in any direction … and double your income.How to develop your powers of concentration.How to accentuate the positive … and gain a magnetic personality.How to go on a mental diet … to gain radiant mental and physical health … and feel younger than your years, even at 70.By unblocking the mind-line this method automatically improves the memory, strengthens other mental powers, casting out self-doubt and self-defeat.It builds optimism, confidence, courage, and brings out latent talents, shows that you can grow rich…in all things…material as well as spiritual…while you sleep.

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