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Complete suite to Learn Japanese ! JA Sensei provides clear Japanese lessons and numerous interactive exercises to learn Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, Japanese vocabulary, Japanese phrases for your trips, numbers, verbs, etc. Take audio, multichoices, self-validated or drawing quizzes (draw kanji to answer questions!) to memorize what you learn. Simply curious about Japanese, studying Japanese, or willing to take the JLPT, JA Sensei will become a priceless assistant.JAPANESE LESSONS23 Japanese lessons to learn the basic concepts and grammatical structuresEach lesson contains a Japanese text, a grammar page, and a culture page to learn Japanese customs and understand how the Japanese thinkJAPANESE KANA & KANJILearn Hiragana/Katakana progressively by levelsLearn Kanji by Jouyou Grades and JLPT levelsManage your personal listsListen to the pronunciation of each KanaDetailed statistics to track your progress and mistakesIncrease the quiz difficulty progressively: easy, medium, hardAdd a countdown to limit the time yo have to answer (for medium and hard difficulty level)Learn how to draw Hiragana, Katakana AND Kanji properlyJAPANESE PHRASEBOOK500 Common Japanese phrases for real life communicationLearn Japanese phrases with audio clips by a native speakerKeep your most useful Japanese phrases in your personal listTake a quiz to learn actively useful sentencesJAPANESE VOCABULARY1700 words with audio clip by a native speakerTake audio quizzes!Create your personal lists of Japanese wordsComments are added to explain the word when necessarySearch for any word from English or RomajiJAPANESE NUMBERS500 numbers with audio clips by a native speakerListen and understand numbers from 0 to 10,000Take audio quizzesCreate your personal listSearch a Japanese number from its numerical value or RomajiRead numbers in Kanji, Romaji or numerical valueJAPANESE PARTICLES60 Japanese particles clearly explained and sorted with examplesJAPANESE COUNTERS45 Japanese counters you should know to count objects in JapaneseJAPANESE VERBS1800 Japanese verbs translated and conjugated in many formsJAPANESE GRAMMAR80 grammartical sheets ordered by JLPT that explain easy to advanced Japanese structures with translated examples.Buying the application thanks to the integrated In-App Billing system gives you access to additional downloadable contents.TAGS: Learn Japanese, Japanese, hiragana, katakana, kanji, JLPT, Japanese numbers, kana recognition, Japanese words, Japanese phrasebook, japan-activator, quiz, Japanese vocabulary, Japanese lessons, kanji recognition, Japanese counters, Japanese particles, SpeakOasis

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