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** A true project managers date calculator!! **** It can be used to calculate days, weeks, months, and years in elapsed, business, or 9/80 days from one day to another.** Quickly calculate the number of days between two dates.- Counts elapsed days (counts all days Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun) Note: e-days does not include option to count Start/End Days (this matches results found in other professional project schedule software). – Counts standard/business working days (counts only Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri)- Counts 9/80 work days too! (counts only Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur & skips every other Friday)** Count backward dates (all modes)** Compute days, weeks, months, and years (all modes)** Custom date selection user interface for FAST date selection (pick a date just like on your calendar) see screen shots below. If you like the old way, it’s supported too! Just tap the "Go To" Button and enter (see 5th screen shot).** Be sure to watch the demo video!** Calculations line up and work just like desktop scheduling programs but quickly and in your phone!!** Network Access is for Android Market License Verification and to allow the application to send you to my website for "Support & Info" in the "About" Menu Button.** App installs to your SD card by default (if present) to move to phone: Go to settings, manage applications, select Jim’s Date Calc, and select move to SD card.—Things you should know—• App developer doesn’t participate in the purchase and download process, if you have problems with credit card authorization, charge, double charge, download failures, we have no way to help you, you’ll need to check the Google technical help forum.• Update is always free, Google controls charging and it WILL NOT charge for update.

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