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Free Jungle Animal Sounds And Ringtones12 sounds of the jungle are featured on this soundboard. You can save any of them as your ringtone!Listen to 12 of your favorite jungle sounds (chimps, cougars, monkeys, tigers, jungle birds, and more). This is a simple app, but its fun to use with kids (who always love chimps and other jungle animals, and the sounds they make). Just pressing the picture of each jungle animal to hear its corresponding jungle sound. Press them one right after the other, and you will really feel like you’re listening to the jungle noises.New in Version 3: Long-press (tap and hold) on any animal, and you can save it as a an animal ringtone! You can even save it as an SMS notification.Just long press on the animal icon that corresponds to the sound you want as your ringtone, and choose "Set As Ringtone" or "Set As Notification" from the context menu which pops up. That’s all! Now when your friends call or text you, you’ll hear your favorite animal sound ringtone.In this app, you’ll find jungle animal sounds including:- Chimpanzee sounds- Cougar sounds- Tiger sounds- Monkey sounds- Parrot sounds- Cheetah sounds- Elephant sounds- Leopard sounds- Jaguar sounds – Jungle noisesFor most animals (parrot, cheetah, leopard, elephant, monkey, cougar, chimpanzee) the animal name will be displayed as the animal’s sound is played. This can be a fun way for kids to learn the names of their favorite jungle animals.Even if you are an adult, take a few minutes to listen to some relaxing jungle sounds (maybe skip the tiger and leopard sounds if you’re really edgy). Listening to these sounds will make you feel like you are in the jungle on safari.Let us know what other animal sounds you would like to have in addition to monkeys, tigers, leopards, birds, elephants, parrots, and the others we have now. Its OK to say you want more of a jungle animal we already have listed. In fact we already have 2 elephant sounds because elephants are so good.We hope you like this Jungle Sounds app and will check out the other applications from United Cheddar. Enjoy your safari!New in version 3: long press on any animal to save that animal sound as a ringtone or sms notification sound.

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