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A kaNumber is the numerical value of a word or phrase. This is calculated by adding up each letter in the word or phrase. (a=1, b=2, c=3, etc) Interesting possible patterns emerge when kaNumbers of different words are compared with each other. Here are some examples of the patterns I just observed within about 10 minutes of using the app:Obama Care = devoid = goblin = infidel = 59.Or, if you prefer: Obama Care = logical = stable = 59.Angelina Jolie = Cate Blanchett = foreshadow = feminists = 114.Anna Mae Bullock (known as Tina Turner) = supercharged = celebrity god = Will Smith = 125.messiah = Jesus = 74.This information can be used for novelty, as a writing aid, or in larger conspiracy building diatribes! We have over 50,000 kaNumbers saved in our databases. These will show up as matches whenever the word you type in matches with a word we have already tested. You can kaNumber any word or phrase you wish and build your own personal kaNumber library. Each search you do is automatically saved on your device so that whenever you run into that kaNumber again your word will show up on the display list.A custom word graph also provides additional information on any word or phrase. The shapes that emerge from these graphs can lead to additional patternistic conclusions.The ultimate idea of kaNumber is that "nothing is random". You can put that to the test with this app.

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