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Want to find lyrics Simple and Easy. Just listen to a song with the supported music players, a notification icon with the title of the song will appear on the status bar. Click on it, it will display the lyrics of the current track.Currently supported English and Chinese lyrics. For Chinese lyrics it provides you a way to convert between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. It may also support Japanese, Spanish and other languages of lyrics.Lyrics can be saved to external storage so that you can browse them offline.You can select various themes to change the look and feel of this App. You can customize the font size, font color and background color of your choice when viewing lyrics.Supported Players:Android Default PlayerGoogle Play MusicjetAudio Baisc and PlusPowerAMPHTC One PlayerSamsung PlayerRocket PlayerCubed PlayerAstro Player Nova ApolloMeridian Media Player FusionTTPodHints:1. Additional menu will pop up by fling left or long press on title bar or long press selected item or tap on menu button. In other words fling left or long press on title bar acts as tap on menu button.2. One of the best way to use it is connected to WiFi, play the songs that you want to fetch lyrics. After lyrics is fetched skip to another song. Next time when you listen to the same song the lyrics can be displayed even without internet connection and will be much faster.3. You can remove lyrics providers that you do not need from default setting by using [Set up Default Providers] select it. Touch icon to move up and down to re-order and drag icon to right edge to remove.What do those providers support:SuperFast – Supports English, Chinese and may be Japanese, Spanish and other languages of lyrics and it is very fast.Baidu, ViewLyrics – Support Chinese and English lyrics. ViewLyrics is fast.Other sites – English lyrics. AbsoluteLyrics is fast.4. If you are interested in English lyrics always put AbsoluteLyrics in the first position in[Set up default providers].5. If you got wrong lyrics for current track. You can use [Selective Reload] and unchecked the first few lyrics sites then OK and see if this can find the right lyrics for you from a site down below. 6. If you do not need Chinese conversion you can disable or enable in preference.

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