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Most companies set up their exchange servers to force either pin code or password on your device once you set up your exchange account. A lot of people find this extremely annoying, especially since they prefer using alternative methods for securing access to their devices, methods such as "pattern swipe" or starting with Android 4.0 the really cool "face unlock" feature.Unfortunately, the only way to bypass the corporate pin or password is not to use the stock email application. Libre is a fully featured E-Mail app based on stock Android Email. However, while being identical to the standard Android Email application in every other sense, and while maintaining the exact same look and feel you are accustomed to, it doesn’t force any server security policy on you and allows you to make your own conscious decisions on which method to use for protecting access to your data.—Features:- Includes all the features that stock Android email application has- Works with any Android starting with 2.2- Will sync calendar and contacts data with your stock calendar and contacts, (these don’t need to be replaced).Installation:- Delete your email accounts from your old stock Email application- Go to Settings->Location & security->Set up screen lock, and disable or set up the locking method you prefer- Start Libre and set up your accounts. If the server requires security policy, Libre will notify you and will allow you to chose to bypass it.Important:Using Libre has a potential of creating a huge security risk for your personal and your organization sensitive data as the program allows you to bypass security policies set up by your system administrators. The application is provided as is, by downloading and using it you assume complete responsibility and risk for any damages or loss caused by using it. If unsure, please do not install Libre and continue using your stock Android Email application.

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