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This application is used to study and prepare you for the UK Citizenship or settlement, known as Life in the UK Test. The practice test consists of nearly thousand multiple choice questions derived from the book ‘Life in the United Kindom: A Journey to Citizenship’, on which the test is based. The actual Citizenship Exam consists of twenty four multiple choice questions. You can use this application to practice answering the same multiple choice questions that may appear on the real citizenship test, or simply understand more about UK. Keep practice makes perfect!* Please note the app doesn’t mean to be a study guide for your citizenship test. We encourage users to review the book as well *Highlight keys of features:- All questions and answers have been selected carefully and verified as close as the ‘real’ test as well as updated frequently- Randomly generate test questions for every test. Never do the same test again- Able to set the number of questions to be tested- Determine whether you passed or failed the test and able to review wrong or all tested questions- Explanation of answer for each asked question to help understand clearly, not just memorize anything.- "Self Study" Section helps you to learn all questions and answer easily and categorized base on test subjects- Get more understand about the test/app and help from "Info" Section

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