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Are you buying a home? Do you need a home inspection?The Home Inspector is help for people who are seriously looking at, or in the process of, buying a property. This app will prompt you with professional questions aimed at uncovering whether there are any issues, or defects with, your prospective property. Run the app. Answer the questions. Take pictures and comments. Generate the PDF. Email and send it directly from your phone. Done.There is no substitute for hiring a professional home inspector, and this app does not aim to replace that requirement. However, it will prompt you and help you identify any issues at an early stage of the buying process. NOTE: This is a free app, with restricted content (only 3 areas). It is intended to be trialled before purchase of the Home Inspector, and does not have the full range of questions/areas that are in the full version.In an ideal world, you should only pay a professional for a home inspection on the final property that you have selected. This app aims to help you reach that ideal by assisting you in uncovering any issues before you reach a late stage of the negotiations. Perhaps you should have walked away from a property earlier, or pointed out any defects as a means of negotiation on the sale price.In addition, you can also use this app to identify any issues of concern you have with a property, generate a PDF and email it to your home inspector. This will assist them as a means of communication and in tackling your concerns directly.Highlight features: -* Professional questions aimed at uncovering issues* Question help text to provide extra clarification and insight* Photo and comment capture* Detailed PDF document generation, including summary and signature pages, as well as linkage to photo indexes* Links to Google Maps for easy address lookup* Customisable PDF output, including splash graphics and headers* Ability to create your own questions, and edit existing * Inventory capture (if required)* Easy to use interface* Works off-line* Immediately saves input* Ability to clone/copy existing reviewsDon

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