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SMARTER SHOPPERS DEMAND SMARTER COMMERCETHE SOON TO BE MOTHER OF ALL COMPARISON SHOPPING APPLICATIONS, DEAL APPLICATIONS,COUPONS APPLICATIONS,SHOPPING LIST APPLICATIONS,WALLET APPLICATIONS, THE ALL IN ONE APPLICATIONSOON MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT OUR PATENTBe prepared to see all other comparison shopping applications, deal applications and coupon applications become obsolete.Using patent pending technology you can engage local and online retailers, restaurants and service providers in a unattended, instantaneous, real time lowest price, or highest discount competition (not to be confused with fixed price comparison apps. or websites) on the products or services you want such as new cars, oil change, hair cut, car wash, hotels, attorneys, real estate agents and many other categories to come including restaurants, pharmacies, car rentals, auto leasing, loans,tickets, Home Insurance,auto insurance, life insurance, boats, ATV’s, RV’s, Apartment rentals, liquor,contractors, and many more including products with barcodes. Obtain immediate results without having to communicate or haggle with sales staff.The prices displayed by merchants on traditional price comparison shopping apps. and websites are linked to those merchants’ own independent websites, meaning that in order to be competitive in a comparison shopping app. or website their prices will also have to be low on their own websites which is not necessarily a good thing for merchants as many shoppers who do not use comparison shopping who buy their products or services directly from a merchant’s own website will be paying a discounted price even without having to shop around. This way the losers are small business owners who sell with little or no profit, and the winners are buyers who can actually afford to pay more as they do not hunt for bargains but who buy at discounted prices because the opportunity is there. The real bargain hunters or price conscious shoppers are who get the most benefit using Meet or Beat that price app. because merchants who advertise on this application can afford to set their bottom price competing parameter to beat any competitor’s price on the spot.How can this be done?, by not having to advertise or sell a product at a discounted price on their own website, and having a larger profit, merchants advertising on Meet or Beat that price application can afford to set their bottom price adjusting parameter to go lower that any competitor who normally advertises a discounted price with little or no profit on their own website.Using Meet or Beat that price application merchants can set their own pricing parameters which include a maximum price, a minimum price, a percentage for how low they want their price to go under the closest competitor and more, this way they do not need to advertise their bottom line price across the board all of the time; using this application their prices adjust automatically only when and if necessary in response to who their competition is and what their prices are at the moment you request a quote, a real win-win deal, making this application the best place for consumers to buy and for merchants to sell.If you do not find the product or service you are looking for at this time try again soon, hundreds of new merchants are added every week, do not uninstall the app. as you may miss important updates; Recommending our app. to friends and family. This application is for the benefit of all, buyers and sellers. Help us to help you by giving us a high rating. Low ratings only delay the process to help you better.EARN CASH REWARDS NEXT TIME YOU VISIT YOUR LOCAL RETAILER OR SERVICE PROVIDERTo learn how you can earn $25, $50 or $100 in cash next time you visit your local retailer or service providers go to Investors and Partners welcomeMerchants can register at click on the sellers tab.

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