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Ever wonder how much time and money is being wasted in meetings? Want to demonstrate to your meeting participants and management how much meetings actually cost? This simple calculator will allow you to dynamically count how much effort is being expended in meetings in both man-hours and based on average hourly salary. Features include:* Dynamic adding/removing of meeting attendees* Expenses Man-Hour calculation* Expenses in dollars based on average hourly salary* Adjustment of application settings via Preferences* Runs in background with optional status bar notification including stats* Preference to automatically set ringtone to vibrate when meeting is activeFuture Enhancements:* Backend Enhancements* Permit the logging of meetings for file/SMS/Email export* Widget for Home ScreenPermissions:STATUS BAR – Notification display of Meeting In Progress.MODIFY AUDIO SETTING – To Permit the setting of phone to Vibrate modeINTERNET – Android Licensing and Ads (Free Version Only)ACCESS NETWORK STATE – Ads (Free Version Only)CHECK LICENSE – Android LicensingPlease email developer with any suggested improvements or issues.

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