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MemoTrainer™ makes your training personal. Training will automatically adjust to your level and training goal like an exam date or knowledge maintenance. The MemoTrainer™ mobile application is available for the adaptive e-learning platform A New Spring.Why MemoTrainer™?Store knowledge in your long-term memory!Everyone knows that knowledge fades away quickly. Our smart exercises (MemoTrainer™) activate knowledge that is likely to be forgotten, so you can store this knowledge in your long-term memory with minimal effort.Personal trainingSmart exercises activate the right knowledge for every student. Based on your individual scores the platform determines the moment and the content of the next training. This training contains those subjects you need to learn most. A New Spring provides clear feedback and insight in your progress and knowledge level. Furthermore you are reminded per e-mail of new trainings. This way everybody gets a personal training scheme.Who is it for?The MemoTrainer™ application can be used exclusively in combination with courses from educators or corporates that use the A New Spring e-learning platform. Ask your training provider or check™:- knowledge build up and retention;- trains the individual development points;- stimulates the study discipline by offering small quantities of material in a steady rhythm (micro learning);- involves students actively with reminder e-mails;- improves the return on training.

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