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Monkey Math DEMO____________________PLEASE NOTE: This is a demo version of the full application. Only the 5 times table can be played. Upgrade to Monkey Math Pro to unlock all tables and features.Praise for Monkey Math: "the game is fun and it helps learn..perfect for kids who need to learn their tables"-OMGAndroid Do you have young children at school, or going to preschool for the first time? It is important to learn the times tables from 2 to 12. Kids should learn them as early as possible to gain a solid foundation in early math.In fact you need to know your times tables forwards, backwards and all mixed up. Spend time learning them well and you’ll reap the benefits in future.Let Mr Monkey help teach the times table skills your kids will need!Along with reading, writing and arithmetic, children start to learn their tables as soon as they start school. Some naturally take to multiplication, while others struggle with the concept. Frequently, teachers depend upon parents to reinforce and help children practice times tables at home. After a difficult session with a child who is struggling, parents often question the importance of learning times tables. Learning times tables is important. It is rather like learning to walk before running. Running builds on what one already knows about walking, incorporating the ideas of balance, weight shifting and moving the feet forward. From the moment times tables begin to be taught, multiplication and division material are incorporated frequently in mathematics. It is pretty hard to perform two-digit multiplication, unless you can understand and know how to perform single digit multiplication. The ability to easily perform multiplication also is the building block for learning division. Consequently, Monkey Math not only features a standard multiplication table test, but also the option to practice addition, subtraction and basic division.Number Chains_______________Alongside the standard times tables type learning that your child will experience in school, Monkey Math aslo includes the puzzle based approach known as "Number Chains".In the "Number Chain" game, your child will turn over cards to reveal questions which, if answered correctly, will reveal a piece of Mr Monkey. Find all the pieces, in the right order, to win!High Score Tables and multiple users____________________________________Sometimes learning is faster (and more fun!) with a bit of competition. Monkey Math allows multiple users to set up a profile and track their high scores on each times tables. Points are awarded not only for how quickly you can complete a test but, more importantly, how accurately you can complete the test!

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