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FOR KIDS and PARENTS: —————– Encourage your kids to master 9, 12 and 19 Times Table! The multiplication is the most FUNDAMENTAL foundations of mathematics. The more score in this app, the more CONFIDENT in MATH and school life!! This app gives a joyful way to learn multiplication by heart. FOR ALL YOU WHO are SMART: ———————– Do you think you have a good brain? Training with BRAIN CHALLENGE makes your good brain do better and keeps it young!! Let’s do BRIAN exercise! Are you ready? The first challenge is ‘MULTIPLICATION.’ Tip: Test your friends how they are smart and see if they can beat you. 😉 ———————- With Brain Challenge:Multiplication you can… 1. Educational + Enjoyable – Help your kids learn multiplication with game. – Enjoy with all your family. 2. It’s Game Center!- Check your rank in the Leaderboard.- Collect all the achievements if you can. 3. Perfect Runs- You’ll never meet the end as long as you’re PERFECT.4. 9, 12 and 19 Times Table – Check table and be certain of what you memorized. 5. Practice Mode – Practice multiplication step by step. – Choose which numbers you want to practice. Score Formula: – SCORE = [remained time] x 10 + [answer] * [perfect runs consecutive] – Keep ‘Perfect’ not breaking, then SCORE increases dramatically. ? Compatible with 1024×600 pixel or WSVGA resolution devices ONLY.Follow US @blueonionsoft

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