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Baby’s birth, new mother and veteran mother is busy.?My Baby’s navi? is such mom’s parenting navigation.This app has parenting dialy and Vaccination schedule,baby’s height and weight,Growth record Etc. Useful featuresThis app is a 14-day trial version.Features- Schedule Management Mom and dad entering the schedule, baby, baby’s first annual festival nts such as input and a shrine, and fluoride can also enter the application’s easy to forget vaccinations.- Child diary Just touch the icon, baby milk, pee, etc. Records can be bye-bye Moreover, the amount of milk or bye-bye time, and note the state of the baby and leave a detailed diary and even leave you feeling mom’s diary- News ticker Once you have entered a schedule of vaccinations and fluoride application easy to forget, rest assured that flows automatically News ticker- Growth record Height and weight is entered into, glance at the baby growth chart- Albums Completion of the album if you save that time to record the state of camera picturesEasy to find in the gallery can see photos from- Play "I have to do this for a while, " this feature is useful when a simple game- Contact Hospital and family general hospital, including a call center with childcare, managing your contacts together in a pinch to panic As well as make calls, view the map Once you have entered your address??Baby growth milestones celebrations,vaccination information, we have created the basis of Japan.Approve beforehand.

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