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A Home replacement Application with- Low memory usage- Quick response- Easy App finding/management- Easy Workspace management- Easy Folder management[Features]- DockBar page count customization- Page indicator hiding- Grid size customization- Hiding system status bar with gesture- Missed call & Received sms badge display- Widget Resizing- Themes (ZIP & SSKIN & Go)- 1 to 9 workspaces- Various App list styles- Expandable folders in workspace & app list- Workspace and app menu switchers (screen preview)- Highlight recently used apps- Scrollable bottom docks / QuickSetting docks- Scrollable widgets- App-Hide&Lock / Screen-Lock[Theme]- More information about NemusLauncher themes : SSKIN themes on market :[Note]- If you can’t run or find NemusLauncher after install, try home switcher. “DIRECTLY CALL PHONE NUMBERS” permission is needed to make Direct Dial Shortcut.- “READ SMS” permission is needed to display badge for ‘NewMessage count’- Before you install SSKIN themes, you may need to install “SSKIN Butterfly launcher”.

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