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Norton Mobile Utilities Lite provides essential tools to boost the performance of your smartphone and tablet in a single app, including battery saver and task killer functionality. Active management of your mobile device and other installed apps will improve the Android user experience.Track phone voice minutes / SMS text messages / data usage to avoid overages and extra fees on your monthly wireless bill. Monitor system resources including CPU speed, memory usage, and internal storage space. Manage power usage with battery saver and kill battery draining apps with task killer. Uninstall unwanted apps and clear app cache.FEATURES (LITE VERSION)• Terminate memory-hogging apps with advanced task killer• Keep track of cell phone voice, SMS texting, and data usage• Auto-alert reminders before you exceed your monthly wireless plan• View real-time monitors for CPU speed, memory usage, and network status• Simplified app management for power users• Uninstall unwanted apps and clear temporary files to free up storage• Find and manage installer files on your SD card• Move apps to your SD card• Quick access to system information such as Android version, hardware details, and wireless carrier networkUPGRADE FOR EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE AND MORE (FULL VERSION)Get started for FREE. Upgrade for $9.99 to get the full version of Norton Mobile Utilities:• Save battery juice and use your phone longer between recharges• Advanced power settings trigger automatically when your battery reaches a certain level• Track voice minutes / SMS text messages / mobile data usage while roaming to avoid additional fees on your monthly phone bill• Automatically kill running apps at scheduled intervals to free up memory and speed up your device• Install on multiple Android devices with one purchase++++Applies to purchases of Norton Mobile Utilities 2.7 or later. Customers that need to reset their device [or download Norton Mobile Utilities to a new device] can reinstall NMU via Google Play using the same account used for the original purchase. SUPPORT FORUM > NORTON MOBILE UTILITIES LITEFor feedback and suggestions, please visit the support forum: BATTERY SAVER TIPS & TRICKSBattery life can be a challenge with Android. Battery usage is counted in the number of hours rather than days. Decent battery life is measured against a full working day. To optimize battery usage, conserve battery power and monitor battery status. Install a battery saver app such as Norton Mobile Utilities Lite. Schedule set times to put your phone to sleep. Turn off mobile data. Upload and sync files through WiFi. Kill apps or uninstall apps that are unnecessary. Use push notifications. Monitor battery life. Adjust screen brightness. Get rid of unused widgets. Deactivate GPS.ANDROID TASK KILLER & SPEED BOOSTERA task killer (also known as "app killer") can improve your Android’s performance by forcing other apps to quit. The fewer apps that run in the background, the better your device will perform. Battery life should be improved and you may experience a speed boost. Apps labeled as Android boosters will often include task killer functionality to improve performance.————————————————–TRUST NORTON BY SYMANTECFounded in 1982, Symantec has more than 20,500 employees in more than 50 countries. We are the global leader in providing security, storage, and systems management solutions.NORTON MOBILE SECURITY LITE (RECOMMENDED)For maximum protection, install Norton Mobile Security Lite. Protect your Android from theft, malware and viruses. Locate your lost or stolen device.Download Norton Mobile Security Lite: POLICYSymantec respects the privacy of our users and carefully safeguards personal data.For more information:

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