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AddedJun 27th, 2011
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國泰世華銀行創新行動銀行服務My MobiBank 我的隨身銀行功能特色:★NEW!OTP非約定轉帳服務★HOT!國內外基金申購與贖回功能 國內外基金情報:完整豐富的基金資訊、新聞及比較工具 自選基金觀察功能讓您理財更方便●臺幣帳戶服務:約定/非約定轉帳、臺幣存款帳戶餘額及交易明細、借款查詢。●繳費:1.中華電信費 2.國泰世華信用卡費 3.國泰人壽保費 ●外匯服務:查詢持有幣別之餘額及交易明細。●信用卡服務: (1)帳單及消費明細。 (2)新增消費查詢。(3)最新紅利積點。(4)額度繳款查詢。(5)特約商店優惠查詢 ●基金投資組合查詢:掌握持有的基金淨值與報酬率。●自選基金觀察:比較各種基金及指數之走勢,投資理財更方便。●牌告匯率:查詢最新匯率,並能使用即時換算工具。●臺外幣存放款利率:定存各期利率及試算功能。●分行及ATM據點查詢:透過GPS定位地圖,自動尋找最近的分行及ATM位置。本版本僅支援Android 2.2以上作業系統,如您的手機作業系統為2.2以下,請下載"(OS 2.2以下)國泰世華銀行 My MobiBank"使用。Cathay United Bank of innovative mobile banking serviceThe My MobiBank carry bankFeatures:★ NEW! OTP non-contractual transfer service★ HOT! Domestic and foreign fund purchase and redemption features     Fund Intelligence at home and abroad: the complete fund information, news and comparison tool     Flexi Fund Watch feature allows you to financial● NT account services: convention / non-consensual transfer, the NT deposit account balance and transaction details, the borrower inquiries.● Payment: 1. Chunghwa Telecom charges. Cathay United Bank credit card fee. Cathay Life Insurance premiums● Exchange Service: query to hold currency balances and transaction details.● Credit card services:(1) billing and consumer details.(2) new consumer inquiries.(3) Bonus Points.(4) The amount of payment query.(5) Merchant Offers query● Fund portfolio query: grasp the funds held by the net rate of return.● Optional Fund Watch: compare various funds and index trends, investment banking more convenient.● the announced exchange rate: the latest exchange rate, and use instant translation tools.● the Taiwan foreign currency deposits and loans interest rates: fixed deposit interest rate per period and spreadsheet functions.● Branch and ATM Where to buy: through GPS positioning map automatically find the nearest branch and ATM locations.This version supports only Android 2.2 operating system, such as your mobile phone operating system 2.2, please download the Cathay United Bank of My MobiBank "use" (OS 2.2).

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