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AddedApr 8th, 2012
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This location based game puts you into the world in your real life city. Start your own mafia right down the block!Features real-time combat, player-to-player trading, and a huge amount of skills and player customization await you. This is a true location based MMO.Take over the streets you travel every day. Power and respect hang in the balance… but only for the strongest.Do you have what it takes????? SUMMARY ????* Win battles and do criminal Jobs to earn Influence on nearby business Fronts* Earn enough Influence to take those Fronts from other players* Collect Cash from your Fronts and use it to power up your weapons* Trade with other players using the regional Black Markets* Manufacture powerful chemical compounds* Level up and acquire over 30 unique abilities* Join a Mafia to play with other players – or form your own Mafia!???? FEATURES ????* Real time combat* Multiplayer with PvP* Entirely free-to-play, can purchase in-game currency or trade with other players!* Fully customizable avatars* Weekly community events and updates* Global leaderboards with weekly rewards* Built in player-to-player trading (Black Markets)* Integrated chatPlease visit our discussion forum at: listen to your feedback and implement your suggestions!Are you ready to build your influence and rule your city?

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