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?2011.11.05 Added ability to delete all of the menu.2011.05.27 1.0.3 release updates the status bar resident function, simply add the English language can be managed easily and 1.0.2 the password feature of this application this application releases ? logon capability. The editing features can be easily entered. The data entered on the display list, and viewing each record. If you tap on each record, "Edit" "Delete," "copy" can be performed. I think that can be operated intuitively. Import from CSV, and backup capabilities. We hope you can use at the time of such replacement models. I wanted features such as WEB site ID, password manually put in the effort it takes. Using this application, ID, copy of the password can be easily, saving you the hassle of cumbersome input field by pasting the input. After starting this application simple operation manual ? ?, the terminal from the menu button "Add New" and press to register any information in the entry form will appear. ? The name is mandatory. Because records are created after the registration ?, if it can tap the appropriate records "submenu" is displayed. "Submenu" are as follows. "Edit" "Delete," "copy" ? CSV ? the information about the CSV export output to SD card is registered. The location "/ sdcard / PasswordManager /" will be. ? CSV can be imported into this application to register a lot of information all at once. CSV format of "name", "ID", "password", the "Introduction" describes the data in each row 1 ?. If you register two is the two lines. Cases) "Google’s ID information", "hoge1", "password1", "This is a test" "mixi Information", "hoge2", "password2", "This is a test 2" will be. If you have created a new file editor, notes, etc. ? The character encoding "UTF-8" to please save. Placement of the import file are as follows. "/ Sdcard / PasswordManager / export.csv" reason for the above data file exported by this application, you can import without modification. ? ? Android 1.5 devices for information or verification REGZA Phone T-01C password lock feature to be added to the application ? (create login screen), the resident status bar

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