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This small app takes a document in almost any format and converts it on a server in the internet to a PDF. The generated PDF is saved on your SD-Card in the download folder./**** Supported File Formats ****/ doc – Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP [.doc] doc6 – Microsoft Word 6.0 [.doc] doc95 – Microsoft Word 95 [.doc] docbook – DocBook [.xml] html – HTML Document (OpenOffice.org Writer) [.html] odt – Open Document Text [.odt] ott – Open Document Text [.ott] ooxml – Microsoft Office Open XML [.xml] pdb – AportisDoc (Palm) [.pdb] psw – Pocket Word [.psw] rtf – Rich Text Format [.rtf] latex – LaTeX 2e [.ltx] sdw – StarWriter 5.0 [.sdw] sdw4 – StarWriter 4.0 [.sdw] sdw3 – StarWriter 3.0 [.sdw] stw – Open Office.org 1.0 Text Document Template [.stw] sxw – Open Office.org 1.0 Text Document [.sxw] text – Text Encoded [.txt] txt – Plain Text [.txt] vor – StarWriter 5.0 Template [.vor] vor4 – StarWriter 4.0 Template [.vor] vor3 – StarWriter 3.0 Template [.vor] bmp – Windows Bitmap [.bmp] emf – Enhanced Metafile [.emf] eps – Encapsulated PostScript [.eps] gif – Graphics Interchange Format [.gif] html – HTML Document (OpenOffice.org Draw) [.html] jpg – Joint Photographic Experts Group [.jpg] met – OS/2 Metafile [.met] odd – OpenDocument Drawing [.odd] otg – OpenDocument Drawing Template [.otg] pbm – Portable Bitmap [.pbm] pct – Mac Pict [.pct] pdf – Portable Document Format [.pdf] pgm – Portable Graymap [.pgm] png – Portable Network Graphic [.png] ppm – Portable Pixelmap [.ppm] ras – Sun Raster Image [.ras] std – OpenOffice.org 1.0 Drawing Template [.std] svg – Scalable Vector Graphics [.svg] svm – StarView Metafile [.svm] swf – Macromedia Flash (SWF) [.swf] sxd – OpenOffice.org 1.0 Drawing [.sxd] sxd3 – StarDraw 3.0 [.sxd] sxd5 – StarDraw 5.0 [.sxd] tiff – Tagged Image File Format [.tiff] wmf – Windows Metafile [.wmf] xhtml – XHTML [.xhtml] xpm – X PixMap [.xpm]and more…

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