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This app has prepared a sort for the videos and audios you want to watch only by yourself.Private part of this app supports password. The default password is 123456, you can modify it into your own password by clicking modify button in the hint box. It needs you to input the old password once and new password twice when you are modifying the password. The videos and audios in this app can be moved to this part by long pressing, and they won¡¯t display on the other parts of this application.Except for this part, there are the other four parts in this application. They are video, audio, favorite and recent. In the videos, almost every format of videos can be played, so to the audio part. Long press any of these items to do some specific operations, like open, delete and share and so on.In all the five sections of this app, you can see three function keys, sort, refresh and clear. The items are sorted by name if you have not change the way of sort. When you want to add some new items into this app, press the refresh key. Click clear and all the items in this section will be deleted. But you can get them back by clicking the refresh button.You can set the scan path and decode mode in settings. Set the files has videos and audios as scan path will save some time to display them. Decode mode contains hardware decode and software decode, software decode uses more phone battery than hardware decode, but it supports more formats. Both of them are worked in this app.Now, you must know this app very well. Welcome to have a try! If you like it, please give it five stars. Thanks for your support!^^^^^^ NOTE ^^^^^^It is a free app. For development, both our team and our applications, this free app supports icon ads or notification ads. Thanks for your understanding!

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