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Poker odds calculator / evaluator.The best Texas Hold’em Odds checker around. Super fast. The results are instantaneous and it is free.Evaluate your chances of winning in Texas Holdem Poker immediately. No need to know your opponents Cards. Calculates odds of winning at Pre-flop, flop, turn and river.Adjusts for numbers of players.Shows what type of hand you currently have for example a Pair. Additionally it warns you what type of hand an opponent may have. In some cases it will say that everybody has a particular hand as it is on the table. And if you are lucky it will sometimes tell you that you have a winning hand. Ie one that can’t be beaten. For example if you have A?,7? and the table is 7?, 7?, 7?,3?,9?. You will win as no one can have a straight Flush or Royal Flush.Also has a more detailed view that shows the odds of having a particular hand. Royal Flush (RF) Straight Flush (SF) Four Kind (4K) Full House (FH) Flush (Fl) Straight (St) Three Kind (3K) Two Pair (2P) Pair (Pa) High Card (HC)So for example if you have A?,7? (called pocket or hole cards) and the table is 7?, 7?, 6? then you have a 4% chance of Four of a Kind, 28% chance of a Full House and 67% chance of Three of a Kind (which you already have).Uses Kickers to evaluate the hands. For example if the table has a Four of a Kind. Ie everyone has a Four of a Kind then the highest pocket card becomes significant. If you are learning poker then download the Gemego poker hands application to learn the hand rankings. This application has been used many millions of times now so is accurate and does not have any known issues. If you find something that you believe is wrong please email us at and we will fix it.This application uses math odds and random simulation and is designed for fun use. By downloading you agree to the terms of use at odds for 2-10 players. Set default number of players in settings.Automatically excludes cards for example cards on the table can’t also be in opponents hands. Detailed view showing odds of having a particular type of hand.Uses Kickers to evaluate the hands. This application is ad supported.By downloading you accept the terms of use at us at contact@gemego.comtexas holdem, games, cards, poker, casino, probability, wsop, pokerstars

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