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QQ阅读Android版是腾讯公司推出的一款android平台的看书软件,提供了轻松舒适的图书阅读体验,全文档格式都支持,内嵌QQ书城,特色月光宝盒,舒适读书,方便找书。特色功能1.流畅舒适的仿真翻页效果,快速导入本地图书。2.速度超快的支持txt、epub、pdf、office、chm、umd、zip、rar文件格式阅读。3.支持在线阅读、下载阅读、连载更新、免费字体、切换背景等功能。4.书架分类管理,阅读界面划词、复制、高亮、笔记、分享、字典。5.支持QQ账号登录,用户评论,图书收藏等个人操作。6.阅光宝盒,内含QQ听书,pdf格式支持,office格式支持,字体下载,本地词典下载。7.在电脑QQ网盘中放入文档或图书从手机中网盘传书就能下载。8.分享图书或者文字内容到微信,也可分享到微博,短信等9.海量QQ书城图书,原创图书,出版图书等热门高质量的图书样样俱全。官方网址:http://qqreader.qq.com官方微博:http://t.qq.com/yueduqi官方QQ群:125541634QQ read the Android version Tencent launched android platform reading software, providing a comfortable book reading experience, the whole document formats are supported, embedded QQ bookstores, specialty fight with comfortable reading, easy to find books.FeaturesSmooth and comfortable simulation flip effect, quickly import local books.2 ultra-fast support txt, epub, pdf, Office, chm, umd, zip, rar file format reading.Support read online, download and read serial update, free fonts, switch the background and other functions.Bookshelf category management, zoned word reading interface, copying, highlighting, notes, share dictionary.5 Support QQ account login, user reviews, book collections and other personal operation.6 reading light treasure box containing QQ listen to the book, pdf format support, office format support, font download, local dictionary download.7 In the computer QQ network disk into the document or book from the phone the network disk Chuanshu will be able to download.Share books or text to the micro-letter, to share to microblogging, SMSBooks of the mass QQ Bookstore Books, original books, publishing books and other popular high quality and taste everything.Official Website: http://qqreader.qq.comOfficial microblogging: http://t.qq.com/yueduqiOfficial QQ group: 125 541 634

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