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** This app will no longer be supported as of March 1, 2013 **QuizYourBrain is a flash card application that interfaces with Quizlet.com to provide you with access to all of your private flash card sets as well as publicly available sets. With QuizYourBrain you can study and edit your cards on the go with or without an internet connection.* FREE with Ad support – Buy "QuizYourBrain Pro" to avoid the Ads * Features of Version 1** Now on Facebook ** Like us and let us know what feature should come next! https://www.facebook.com/pages/QuizYourBrain/289642294416273- Access your Quizlet content on the go by linking your account- Access your private content as well as public- Create and delete sets- Create, study, edit, and delete terms- Study terms at random- Search Quizlet’s public content and easily add anything you like to your account- "Night View" for Flash Card mode- Choose whether to display the term or definition first OR see them together- Temporarily eliminate terms as you master them- Touch gestures to navigate decks* We recommend syncing your data before upgrading to a newer version as items that are queued will most likely be lost *Have questions? View our frequently asked questions page.http://matthew-moses.com/main/services/programming/quizyourbrain-quizlet-flash-card-app-for-android/frequently-asked-questions-quiz-your-brain/For previous version-to-version updates visit http://matthew-moses.com/main/services/programming/quizyourbrain-quizlet-flash-card-app-for-android/quizyourbrain-updates/** We want to know how to improve! Please rate and give feedback after using Quiz Your Brain **FREE for a limited time while we’re refining version 1

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