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No advertising, no sign up, no login, no fee, only a quick speed1.9.1 full-HD 1080 (GaluxyS4, optimosG Pro, vega no6..) upgrade 1.9.0User-to-user simultaneous input limit greatly improve reliabilityThe stable operating performance optimization`.8.71 VEGA R3 soft key support model2 Volume up button automatic transmission limited support3. all tab screen support1.8.51 Transmission volume button automatically limited to 60 seconds2 Various Pad support, Nexus7 support complete1.8.3can be used as a button to transmit voice volum up buttonUsage: up and release the button. Says. Again (transfer)galuxy note add1.8.2HD (720 * 1280) screen support1.7.2When characters pop up and Vibration Alert1.7.1Transmission enhancements and improved stability.1.7.0Transmit and receive Morse code addedCorrespondent’s first experience with Morse code, and an additional halsuitneun featuresVoice, text, buhodeung radio service available to all communicationDevelopment1.6.3Transmission enhancements and improved stability.1.6.0 AdditionsEnglish OS SupportGPS receivers can be sent to the current locationVoice history, character, history list can be deletedTransmission improvementsnickname createReal Radio …Than the walkie-talkie walkie-talkie radio program is down.3G, WIFI support, and automatic access intersectHave received support not hear incoming history can be checkedCan send and receive letters, depending on the character and receive necessary99ch SupportAvailable in real time with the wireless worldalways be received with sleep functionQuick can send and receiveMe no subscription charge for a car or do not leave a trailradio program pro

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