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AddedApr 4th, 2012
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Root-Ed Shoutbox offers LIVE help with Rooting any device that’s been exploited, detailed guidance with flashing custom ROMS, Themes and Kernels, and technical help in general with Android. The admin know their way around this stuff like it’s second nature. If you have a question or need help, be patient and ask correctly.. you will be helped shortly. Over 5000 devices have been rooted thanks to this app and the users within.. Whether you need help or just want to offer help to others, this app is for you!Choose a clean User Name to start and begin asking. If someone doesn’t answer right away, check every few minutes .. Enjoy!On occasion a pop up occurs with "Banned Phrase", if it does, simply close out of the app and restart it.. if the pop up still occurs, switch to wifi and back and restart app.. It has to do with your IP address… Follow us on Twitter @RootedShoutboxThis application was coded by Kwogger with visual enhancements and code tweaks by B-boy

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