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A spectrogram in your pocket – Fun things to do with it:- Pets – dog, cat, hamster, canary – hear and look at their sounds and associate them with their behavior to try to figure out their ‘meaning’- Kids – show the sounds of human voices and animals to kids – easier for them to understand frequencies and harmonics with a live image- Outdoors – discover the sounds of wild animals – such as birds in your backyard – they’ll amaze you by their beautiful shapes- Whales – plug a hydrophone in the RCA input jack and analyses the sounds of whales and dolphins, at sea- No whales or dolphins near by, or no hydrophone in your bag just yet, then play their sounds on a plain old computer from some online recordings, there are hundreds – search for them with Google- Games with friends – for example the weirdest looking sounds with one’s voice wins – or with one’s body part other than mouth – this may require special settings that only you would know- Experiment with settings – find the best combo for your device and the sounds that you are interested inOnly on Android – This app can only be found on AndroidThis app displays a spectrogram to analyze live sounds in real-time. A spectrogram is also called a sonogram.The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) calculations include parts of the NIST (National Institute of Standards) scimark2 program, as well as calculations developed by Simplecode. The NIST Java code, written by Bruce R. Miller, was inspired by the GSL (Gnu Scientific Library) FFT written in C by Brian Gough. The FFT calculations use ‘double’ primitives.Small icon © 2000-2011 AguaSonic.com – made from cetacean soundApp © 1997-2011 Simplecode.com

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