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Savealator PRO: What started as a way to manage food waste by keeping track of expiration dates of foods in the refrigerator turns in to much more? With the every climbing price of food the management of the products a family purchases and resides in the refrigerator was the first focus of the Savealator R  . With Americans discarding over 26 Billion dollars each year on just outdated expiration dates alone as reported by the US Censes in 2006.  A similar censes was done in the Netherlands in 2006 with their 14 million population and showed 4 Billion dollars worth of food being discarded per year also. So now you can track and be alerted of expiration dates but that is not the only thing users are doing with SAVEALATOR. Coach Baker writes: One of the day to day chores of coaching HS sports is all the coaches have to keep up with when our athletes need to get their physicals. They all usually start in different sports and have them at different times. So we took the list put in a spread sheet and we all uploaded it to SAVAEALATOR on our phones. What a time saver and now that SAVEALATOR IS i-Phone and ANDROID enabled we all have the information. JD Baker, Florida  Customers order from their phone : One of the great features we are starting to hear more about are customers making their product list available for customers to uploading into SAVEALATOR. Now their customers pick what they want right form their phone and then e-mailing it to them directly. At the new price of $.99 you can just take a dollar off the customer

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