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If your phone is not with you (you leave it unattended somewhere else, or unfortunately lost it), will you be worried that some sensitive SMS might be compromised?In that case, Secure Message Box (SMB) is the solution. SMB App can protect those SMS by either manually selecting or automatically filtering them into the secure box, which can only be accessed by the password you specified.SMB also allows you to upload the messages in SMS to cloud storage, so you can access these messages on all your android devices.keywords: SMS, filtering, secure, sensitive, cloud.Version Control:Ver 1.6: Per user feedback, add 2 more settings in the setting screen.1) sound ringtone when receiving SMS, by default this is unchecked.2) vibrate when receiving SMS, by default this is checked.Ver 1.5: Per user feedback,implement 2 small enhancements:1) When importing existing SMS in system box into SMB, you can now also import already sent ones, not just received ones.2) In the setting screen, add one more configuration to allow the option of popping up confirmation box before sending SMS to avoid mistaken sending.Ver 1.4: Add a new feature "Cloud Storage", which allows you to backup the messages in SMB into Cloud.Ver 1.3: To enhance security, the notification bar no longer shows the name of the message sender when a new message arrived, instead it only indicates that a new message was received.Ver 1.1: Group the messages in Secure Message Box(SMB) by contact, thus make it easier to browse and find messages in SMB.

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