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AddedDec 21st, 2010
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Flamboyant kung fu stylings and arterial blood-spray are let loose when the fantastic jade sword, a weapon that can kill a man without even touching him, is lost by the very person who was supposed to be keeping it safe. A search quickly reveals a conspiracy involving rogue Shaolin monks, powerful ruling families, and the ever mysterious deadly Green Dragon Gang. When the dagger is used in a murder, and an unknown man is found barely alive in a box at the bottom of a river, the questions get more numerous, and trust is something that comes and goes as quickly as the wind. Evil abbots, girly-spies and plenty of dead bodies pile up as the non-stop action of the search of the Jade Dagger leads from gambling halls, to dark caves, the bottom of a rivers and opulent palaces in classic kung fu scenes that you just have to see to believe. So get ready for a tale of suspense and action as she dies, he dies, everybody dies in The Seven Promises! NOTE: Because this movie was originally transferred to digital from a tape, the quality of the video is not the best it can be. We still believe, however, that it is worth watching for those interested in the subject matter….more at (Duration: 93 minutes)

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