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============Free trial for 15 minutes. After download, you can cancel the order within 15min and it will not charge you.============iBoss is a POS, Buy&Sell shop Mobile Management system with simple A/C, stock,VAT/Sales Tax/Sales Discount management, easy to show comman Accounting reports: Gross Profit, Net Profit, B/S, P/L.BarCode reader function:You can now scan 1D/2D QR-code to read in the item information.—egFor small grocery shop,when a customer with goods arrives at the counter, you just click on the bar-code icon and use your camera of phone/device to aim at the bar-code, it will auto fill up all data, it will auto-calculate the amount…(your phone becomes a bar-code scanner just like that in a supermarket)It supports many bar-code systems: EAN-8,EAN-13…Code_128,Code_39…QR-code…Both 1-D and 2-D bar-code are ok.It will auto-calculate the total for you, and if you want to make an instant discount, just pick the discount rate,…it will give you a final total amount, with TAX…smart-auto-calculation of the changes.AND each invoice is auto saved in SD card.if the customer need the slip (invoice), you can email to him/her.And total sales for today is shown. You don’t need to count the money. if you don’t have SALES-TAX, set the sales-tax rate=0 (by default is 0)—For REAL Boss only. All information is just a click. Your shop goes anywhere with you. For all trading companies, iBoss is the accountant, the cashier, the stockkeeper,the salesman,the manager for the shop.It records all transactions. General Journal, Purchase Journal, Sales Journal, Cash Book, Returns records, Scrap / Lost records, Expenses records…It save much of your time. your time is so precious that this app worth more than its price. It save you a lot of time! For somethimes you may use few hours to find data: sales of last year, …if you need 3 days to finish your Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss account,…it take just a click. Then you save 3 days. You save 3day of your time. What’s the man power, resources worthy? Think of your company records can go with you everywhere.Items to be well managed in Categories.It shows you the purchase, the sales, expenses for any items, for any category, for any date or periodCategory should be the more detail the better.Say, Categories: Sport-shoe-Nike, Sport-shoe-Adidas, TV-SONY, TV-SharpItem code: Model-codeItem name: Item descriptionImporting Items into a Category from SD file:Exporting Items to SD txt file.You can get the Last-Bought-Price, the Last-Sold-Price for any item by a click.You can check the stock Quantity for any item, for a category, for all items.You can get Daily Sales for any day, for any month, for any period, for any item, for a category, for all items as well.Same as Monthly Sales, Yealy Sales…Financial statements/reports: Gross Profit, Net Profit, Balance sheet, Profit n Loss , Cash Flow It saves much of your time for search useful information.It costs only 1-day (of your salary). But it saves you tens or hundreds of days of your time. VAT is just a symbol for any type of TAX, GST,Sales Tax…Invoice is AUTO-generated for each sale.Invoice is saved in SD as "20YYMMDDHHmmss.txt"— User Manual —click MENU/HELPThose screen images are for reference only. They are not up-to-date. We do not show all details for fearing that our competitors may copy from us!Our app is original.—Customer Service—Send mail to us. We will serve you!We are aiming for long term relationship. We care for our customers!After you downloaded this app, we are to keep long cooperative relationship. ie if there’s any other extra-functions you need, or any extra-function can help you in operation, email us/ let us know. We will try our best to work it out.

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