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Amaze your friends by telling the time by counting butterflies! Lufanweiss Sky Clock is a puzzle chronometer: a Live Wallpaper that uses artful symbolism to convey where you are in your journey to infinity. Or eternity. Or something.Each blossom on the tree represents one hour (0 blossoms = noon or midnight)Large green butterflies are 10 minutes each.The lone blue butterfly counts for five minutes.Teensy weensy white butterflies are one minute each.If you’re a real eagle eye, you can tell the time just by watching the position of the Sky in the background (hint: Sun Pixie directly overhead = 12 noon). Or, if your attention span has been eroded by a surfeit of text messages and media exposure, you’ll want to opt for "continuous spin mode" to see a hypnotic, ever-whirling sky. Butterflies can scroll, or not, depending on another setting but Beware! Only users with a solid command of both French and Russian will be able to decode the cryptic settings!Featuring hand-drawn artwork by Christopher "Lufa" Stachura (widely hailed as New Mexico’s greatest living digital limner), painstakingly animated with Java by Thomas "George" Weiss (struggling to find his place among New Mexico’s legions of live wallpaperers).Note: this wallpaper is carefully coded to minimize battery drain (deftly switches itself off whenever it is not visible).

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