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This app is a mobile companion for the actual spiceworks application. What is does is allow you to save the server info on the your android device. This enables you to have quick access to the actual spiceworks program. It saves up to 3 servers. What this application saves is your server address, username/email, and a nickname for the server. Since i made it with app inventor its pretty limited to what i can actually do with it. So don’t expect more than this really. its just a small app i there together because i noticed that there wasn’t already one available. From what i have read they are working on a iphone app so im sure an android one cant be too far behind. So for now you could use this if you like.What This App Does:-Saves Server Address for quick connect to site-Saves username/email to help you remember some of your login credentials-Has the ability to store up to 3 servers information-Lets you save notes on a specific serverPlease keep in mind, this app basically is just a mobile bookmark with a few extras. So don’t hate on the app because it has only a few features. Its not my fault, i’ve done the best i can with what i have to offer. Any creative suggestions are more than welcome in the comments. Thanks for looking and while your here have a look at some of my other apps, all made with Google’s app inventor.Don’t Know why people are not receiving the error message when they are not connecting to the server. What is suppose to happen is it is suppose to open a web browser using the default browser on the phone to the server url. If that is not happening for you it is because you do not have the default browser installed or its not being detected. I’m still working on it, but an error should at least show.

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