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TalkNotes Plus has become a must-have for those relying heavily on the smart phone for business communication. Those that talk to several people daily on phone know how easy it is to start up conversation and then realize that the caller has been misidentified. This could be owing to similarity in names, poor recollection, or other factors. Then is the issue of recalling the subject of interest of the caller and where the previous conversations ended.The strength of TalkNotes is in the assistance in identifying callers during call ringing and during the phone conversation. While placing previous subjects and notes visible in summary and full details at the finger tip. These features, as users have stated, provide a boost and extension to the memory.Interface also provides ease of entry of notes on conversation as well as entering reminders.Also, by placing a notes database at the finger tip, other information could be searched and referenced during conversation, like product catalog.FeaturesEXTENDED CALLER IDENTIFICATIONThe call ringing dialog provides additional information on the caller beyond the caller name, like company, department, matter, special note on contact, as well note on the last conversation.ONGOING CALL DIALOGOngoing call dialog is presented on call pick-up, on call drop, or manual invoked, depending on settings.This console becomes the center of information during the phone call, providing ease of notes entry that would be associated with the contact. Meanwhile the subjects of previous conversation are visible, with full details just clicks away.Reminder could be entered, setting date and time of follow up, as well as notes on the purpose and agenda. Reminder alarms could be automatically set through the Google Calendar.This console also allows turning the speakerphone on or off, as well as hanging up; lending to the app being the center of call control.FULL NOTES DATABASEThe data that drives the call ringing and ongoing call dialogs are derived from a full notes database. This database allows storing notes with sound and picture attachments. Notes could be attached to phone numbers, call log items, contacts, or independent. There is full search, sort and filter capabilities, based on fields like contact, date of note create, update, or reminder date.Quick menu is provided for the note list, that allow call, SMS, email to contact associated with the note. Tweets and FaceBook posting could also be generated. The email send would include all attached sound and picture files.Any information that needs to be at the finger tip could be stored.Provided is export and import to and from the cloud, as well as to the smart phone SD CARD.TODO LISTApart from reminder for call follow up, TalkNotes Plus could be used to manage of TODO or Task list. Notes could be entered associated with Task or TODO items, list of sub-task could be entered into notes. The list for the day could be obtained through the sort by event and filter for the day. The items associated with contacts could be followed up with phone call, SMS or email, through the quick menu. Once concluded the task note could be marked as completed.CONTACT MANAGEMENTTalkNotes Plus contact information is built on the standard Android native contact database. It provides alternative means of accessing the contact list, with enhancements like allowing sort order by company, first/last name, last name/first name, as well as providing list of notes associated with contact through the quick menu.TalkNotes Plus provides means to manage Company and Matters information. Contacts could then be associated with these, which show up in the caller identification.CALL LOG MANAGEMENTCall log listings is provided which provides additional sort and filter facilities, as well as easy add and view of associated notes.There are features allowing exporting Call Log data to Excel spreadsheet on the SD CARD.

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