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Teleport is the Android app that lets you teleport to any place in the world ! Not only can you go to one single place, but you can import a route from a GPX file, and run that route ! This is still a Beta version and all the features have not been added yet. Please expect some unexpected behavior, and when you come across some, please let me know either via an email or report the problem from the Troubleshoot section of the appMissed that check-in ? No problem ! Want to seem closer than you say you are? No problem ! Want to visit an area from the comfort of your own home ? No problem ! You decide what you want to use it for ! The app takes a GPS location, and fakes it so the device thinks it is at that location ! Just pick a location and hit Teleport ! That’s it. It’s that simple. Bored of going to one location ? Use a GPX file to run an entire route ! Choose Load File, select a file, and hit Emulate GPX ! It’s just like you’re actually walking/driving that route ! The best part is that this is just like the device’s GPS and no apps will notice a difference between this and an actual GPS ! For the rooted users, you can use the app without turning on the Mock Location settings on the device. To use root to your advantage, either enable the setting and then run the app, or just dismiss the dialog with back button on the first run. Then, go into settings, and depending on your comfort level, choose "Request root access". Now disable the Mock Location setting if you enabled it before. That’s it. You are all set to roam the world from your couch ! ++++==== Note : Please use the app responsibly, and in a way that doesn’t get you in to trouble. The app or it’s creator is not responsible for any kind of damage that is a result of direct or indirect use of this app. ====++++ If you use the app and like it, don’t forget to leave a comment/rating for the app !

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