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NOW with Pocket Change. Earn REAL rewards just for using the app everyday. Check out the Pocket Change store at the bottom of the main menu to learn about the kinds of rewards you can earn FREE!The Stoner’s Handbook is the most popular Weed / Marijuana app on the market. Contains all the sections and info you need to satisfy your need for weed. Includes:*CookbookContains numerous delicious recipes to cook marijuana into your food. *Strain LibraryView 175 different strains of weed and find out more information about their high. See some pictures of the cannabis as a plant.*How Tos / Keepin’ It FreshNumerous how tos to build bongs, pipes, or ways to smoke your weed. Don’t be stale and use the same old way of smoking your ganja. Freshin it up with the How Tos or the Keepin’ It Fresh Sections.*Entertainment/GamesContains games, THC calculator, and list of fun things to do while high or entertainment to watch. Don’t consume your marijuana without keeping you and your friends entertained. And Much more.*Permissions: The permissions that are on this app are all used for advertisement purposes only, with the exception of the Wallpaper permission. They are used to serve the most appropriate ads to your location and more specific to you. If you don’t want these permissions there is a Pro Version that does not require any of them (other than Wallpapers) because it does not contain ads.***In response to the Comment stating that there is a virus, it is not a virus. It is an ad being served from Tapit for some Antivirus software. I have already asked them to stop serving those because I understand the concern they can bring about. Hopefully those false advertising ads will stop appearing soon. If you actually have concerns about the app having viruses I encourage you to download a free top rated anti virus app and scan this app. I know without a doubt there are absolutely no viruses or malicious anything on the app, because I personally hand coded it. Thanks***The Stoner’s Handbook is the app that contains all Weed/Marijuana information you will need. If your friends have an iPhone please let them know that this app is called the Smoker’s Handbook on the iPhone/iPad. Please note there are differences between the apps due to policy differences. If you ever have any questions, suggestions, problems, or compliments please feel free to send them to weed, bud, stoner, stoners, handbook, strain, library, munchies, cookbook, game, games, how, to, bong, pipe, piece, joint, blunt, marijuana, ganja, pocket change(c) 2011-12 Fallacy Studios All Rights Reserved

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