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AddedOct 20th, 2010
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Wisbook 電子書閱讀器(ebook reader)將滿足您關於移動閱讀的夢想。使用本閱讀器您可以︰ 1、閱讀您手機或平板上的 txt, html, epub, pdf 格式的電子書(簡體中文、繁體中文、英文)。 2、線上閱讀我們為您準備的大量經典人文書籍,或者下載後離線閱讀。 3、內置圖書線上搜索下載工具,可以從多個流行的線上書庫獲取圖書。 4、將您喜愛的書籍上傳到個人線上書架,使閱讀從此不受時空的限制。 5、使用線上筆記本,隨時記錄讀書內容或心得。 支援自動分頁、自動書簽、全文檢索搜尋、文字複製、標記、編輯、本機字典、線上字典、多種頁面風格、雙頁模式、離線閱讀、線上閱讀、導入圖書、wifi傳書、讀書筆記、簡繁互轉等功能,全方位滿足您的閱讀需求。 標簽:讀書 看書 最好的電子書閱讀器 pdf閱讀器 經典名著 (QQ閱讀 moon+ iReader 多看)若有任何問題,請到我們的網站論壇上進行回饋,有問必答!Wisbook e-book reader (ebook reader) will meet your dream about moving read. Use the reader can ︰1, txt, html, epub, pdf format e-books to read on your phone or tablet (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English).Read online we have prepared for you a lot of classical humanities books, or downloaded for offline reading.3, built-in download books online search tools, books can be obtained from several popular online stacks.4, upload your favorite books to a personal online bookshelf, so that reading from this regardless of time constraints.5, use online notebook, keep records read contents or experience.The machine supports automatic paging, automatic bookmarks, text search, copy the text, tag, edit, dictionary, online dictionary, multi-page style, double-page mode, offline reading, online reading, Import books, wifi Chuanshu, reading notes, models Huzhuan functions, all to meet your reading needs.Tags: reading the classics reading the best e-book reader pdf reader the (QQ Reading moon + iReader see more)If you have any questions, please go to our website forum feedback Insider!

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