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ZeroCard是一款智慧型卡片管理程式(會員卡、信用卡)。趕快下載體驗吧!!本服務程式不同於一般在智慧型手機使用的卡片管理服務程式。除了能掃描會員卡條碼並儲存到您手機,基於Hyxen專利的定位平台提供〝智慧選卡〞功能。智慧選卡功能會依據用戶的位置,主動排序用戶即將可能使用的會員卡。此外,本服務程式還具有其他特色,如1. 使用簡訊〝分享會員卡卡號〞給好友。2. 在〝留言板〞發表使用會員卡的購物經驗。3. 〝商家情報〞提供商家相關優惠訊息。4. 〝備份〞及〝還原〞您的卡片資料於SD卡。5. 自訂商店的圖示可自行拍照更換。6. 查詢銀行信用卡紅利點數相關兌換資訊、銀行訊息、分行位置、ATM據點。7. 建立一個HyXen Service帳號、或使用您的facebook或Google或Window Live帳號來登入成為ZeroCard專屬會員卡會員。當您成為會員後,即可參與紅利積分用戶忠誠計劃 (Loyalty Program)來累積紅利積分兌換無實體或有實體獎勵商品。相關功能詳細介紹和相關程式使用問題,請連結官網:http://zerocard.twFollow Us on Google+ Page: (搜尋 HyXen App) a smart card management program (membership card, credit card). Free download experience!!The service program is different from the generally use the card in the smart phone management service program. In addition to the membership card can scan the barcode and save it to your phone, based on the patented positioning platform in Hyxen wisdom election card function.The smart card selection function based on the user’s location, and take the initiative to sort user upcoming membership card may be used.In addition, the service program also has other features, such asUsing SMS "Share membership card number" to a friend.2 "message board" shopping experience using the membership card.3 "business intelligence" businesses special offers.4 Backup and Restore your card in the SD card.5 custom shop icon own camera replacement.6. Query bank credit card bonus points exchange information, bank message, branches, ATM stronghold.7. Establish a HyXen Service account, or use your facebook or Google or Window Live account to login become ZeroCard exclusive membership card membership. When you become a member, you can participate in the Bonus Points customer loyalty program (Loyalty Program) to accumulate bonus points to redeem the entity or entities reward merchandise.Related functions described in detail and related programs, please visit the official website: http://zerocard.twFollow Us on Google+ Page: (Search HyXen App)

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